Shockwave is one of the main villains in Transformers III. He has been imprisoned underneath Chernobyl for years and is now seeking revenge from his captors and enemies. He commands a Cybertronian Driller which he aquired during the prequel comics. He briefly appears in the beginning of the film when Optimus Prime went on a mission to Chernobyl with his ally human soldiers. They discovered a fuel cell from The Ark that had incredible radiation levels. At this moment Shockwave's Driller appears and immediately begins destroying the base and killing soldiers in the process. It then proceeds to take the fuel but loses it to Optimus Prime. The fight then takes to the land where the Drill knocks off Optimus' Trailer separating him from his weapons however Prime was still able to gain acess to it after cutting of one of its tentacle like limbs. At this moment Shockwave appears out of the beast saying "Optimus" but he quickly withdraws.

His later appears during the war where he makes his Driller to collapse the building holding Sam, Carly and other soldiers. After tipping the building over Optimus Prime flies in with his jet enhancements and was able to kill the Drill by cutting of its main head. He is temporarily out of action when Shockwave shoots at him several times causing him to get stuck and tied up in wires. After the Wreckers free Optimus the humans launch a co-ordinated assault on Shockwave in which he takes on damage. He momentarily engages them and the Autobots but is killed by Optimus Prime after being punched in the torso with bladed knuckles and having his eye ripped out. Optimus then proceeded to use his cannon to blast the space bridge pillar from the building it was on.

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