Laserbeak is a decepticon minion of Soundwave who enslaves humans and kills them like his Predicessor, Ravage. He first appears at Chernobyl, watching Alexi Voskhod show N.E.S.T around the run down place where Driller appears to steal a fuel cell. After Optimus Prime prevented Driller and Shockwave from taking the fuel cell, Laserbeak kills Volskhod. Later in Africa, he was ordered by Megatron to kill some of their human slaves. At Sam's job is asks Jerry Wang if he told Sam Witwicky anything about the dark side of the moon, and when Jerry responds by pointing two hand guns at the condor talking crazy, Laserbeak disarms him and pushes him out the window and then tries to kill Sam but fails.

Later he prevents Sam from killing Dylan Gould and ends up getting his head pulled off by the human on the drone ship.

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  • You were my favorite Jerry. To bad I will kill you.
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